ICSE 2013

Goals and Topics

Our goal is to bring together industrial practitioners and software product line researchers in order to couple real-life industrial problems with solutions emerging from concepts developed by the SPLE community. As such, we seek concrete and well-illustrated descriptions of realistic problems, as well as concrete and exemplified solutions developed by the community. We also hope to encourage continued progress in collaborations that exemplify widespread adoption of SPLE.

Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

  • Transforming software families into product lines; migration strategies towards product lines; extracting product line representations from legacy software artifacts.
  • Sustainable long-term approaches for product lines; product line evolution and software configuration management.
  • Non-functional properties and quality attributes in product line engineering.
  • Product line engineering for very large, complex systems and system-of-systems; Multi product lines; product lines of product lines.
  • Software ecosystems and supply chains based on product lines.
  • Intra-organizational approaches, practices, stimuli and measures of product portfolio development.
  • Incremental and distributed development of product lines.
  • Validation of product lines.

As a result of the workshop, we expect to:

  • suggest concrete solutions to the identified industrial problems;
  • allow researchers access to empirical data and product line cases of realistic complexity and scale, in order to validate applicability of the developed techniques;
  • encourage industrial practitioners and researchers to learn from each other's experience;
  • validate techniques developed by the research community;
  • establish long lasting collaboration between industry and research;
  • establish measures of progress, including benefits of different solutions;
  • elicit a long-term research agenda for identified unsolved problems.