ICSE 2013


Two collaboration themes emerged during the workshop:
  1. Investigating strategies for introducing product lines into an organization
  2. Next Steps:
    1. Obtain documented examples of prior attempts
      1. successes and failures
      2. initiating context including goals, constraints, and challenges
      3. steps taken
        — preparation
        — actions
        — results
      4. analysis of outcome
      5. characterize changes in approach based on analysis
    2. Obtain descriptions of existing documented approaches
    3. Characterize existing and example approaches as a family
      1. normalize terminology
      2. characterize commonalities and variabilities
        — prerequisites based on enabling and limiting assumptions
        — anticipated results
        — preparation
        — actions to be taken
      3. construct a normalized description of the family
    4. Select candidate adopter(s) to evaluate resulting approach
      1. identify candidate adopter
      2. define adopter context
      3. tailor approach to context
      4. apply approach and evaluate results

  3. Variability in Processes
    • Collaboration Topic:
      • Standardized variability notations and tool support
      • Evolution of process and process variability
    • Why collaboration enables new solutions (benefits):
      • Expressiveness of notations
      • Understandability of the notations (requires a carefully designed experiments)
    • Concrete Next Steps:
      • To summarize the categories (operations) of process variability
      • To differentiate process variability in different domains
    • Measures of Success:
      • Practical tool support for product derivation
      • Implementation and adoption in real

We encourage you to continue collaboration and further explore one or both these themes.

By the end of May, please use the first tab of the google spreadsheet to sign in for your theme of interest. We will then create a mailing list for each and will kick-off further discussions.

You can also use the second and the third tab of the spreadsheet to refine, extend and update any of the themes.

The PLEASE 2013 organizers.